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CBS® 4th RF Port Announcement
Posted by William Hankins on 02 October 2017 09:28 AM

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PitchBlue® MagnuBox® Maintenance Announcement


To accommodate PitchBlue® system growth, PitchBlue® will be activating the 4th RF input (Satellite In D) on our servers on October 7th. This RF input will need a Galaxy 19 Vertical polarity signal matching our current Satellite In B input. The desired input level is between -35 and -45 dBm. Please check your Satellite In B input level (available on the PB® server Status page), and if adequate, split your existing Galaxy 19 signal using a L-Band quality (950 to 2150 MHz.) two-way splitter connecting the Galaxy 19 signal to BOTH RF 2 and RF 4 on the PB® server. If your current signal strength is outside this target range, please take whatever action is needed to reach this level on both the B and D inputs.



Please direct any inquiries to the PitchBlue® Operational Support Center:866- 437-BLUE (866-437-2583) or

 cbs 4th rf port announcement.pdf (773.32 KB)